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One of the most difficult and complicated referencing styles:

APA reference format is a referencing style produced and published by the American Psychological Association. The APA referencing style has 7 versions of it. The latest issue, the 7th edition was published at the end of 2019. It is the newest format followed to writing APA references in some countries.

APA Is The New Black!

They further note that APA is becoming more popular as a referencing style and only the students will tell of how much APA has mushroomed as the major referencing style in all levels, and institutions of learning. Since a new edition of APA referencing is often released, students are forced to shift to a new referencing style frequently.

This then leaves students in desperate search of an APA referencing generator which can assist them in getting the format right every time. Bringing joy for the years to the students, AcademicExpert has finally served the proper APA 7 reference generator. Thus, by utilising this reference generator, students can get a perfectly referenced work done without feeling the heat!

APA Reference Generator: The Ultimate Guide!

The efforts of fumbling one’s way through the reference list is no more a nightmare. Because AcademicExpert knows that students currently have a high demand for a writer who can do APA references. We present you with the perfect solution to all APA referencing troubles: This is the case of the APA reference generator.

APA Reference Generator

Easily Complete The Reference List!

A particular subject that is easily related with the APA citation generator is the reference tool. All you actually need to do is choose the kind of work the work was cited from and type in the name of the author, title of the work, year of publication, name of the journal, and page numbers of the research paper. Afterwards, the next step is after all the required information has been fed into the system there is a generate button. Voila! This means that the body of your 6th edition APA reference is now complete and free of any imperfection.

Don’t Forget the In-Text Citation!

Don’t forget to put in- text citations before you complete the assignment. Parenthetical or in-text citations are important since they connect references and consumers with the text. Else, the significance of having a list of references would be completely eliminated. This guide will assist in elaborating the key APA format rules regarding in-text citations.

In-Text Citation APA Referencing Style

One Author: Format for citing one author in the text body.

  • Example: (Frost, 2019)

Two Authors: Format for citing two authors in the text body.

  • Example: (Frost & Manner, 2019)

Three to Five Authors: Format for citing three to five authors in the text body.

  • Example: (Frost, Manner, Kelly, Peters & Burns, 2019)

Six or More Authors: Format for citing six or more authors in the text body.

  • Example: (Frost et al., 2019)


  • If you are citing the information with the author’s name in a paragraph, only write the year of publication in the parenthesis.
    • Example: Frost (2019)
  • If the cited information is provided by an organisation, only write abbreviations in the second citation.
    • Example: First Citation- American Psychological Association (2018)
    • Second Citation- (APA, 2018) or APA (2018)
  • If there are two or more than two authors in parenthesis, use a semicolon to divide both authors.
    • Example: (Frost, 2019; Manner, 2019)
  • If you are citing authors with the same last name, use their first initials to remove any confusion.
    • Example: (J. Frost, 2019; P. Frost, 2019)
  • In case of citing different work from the same author published in the same year, use alphabet letters to differentiate between them.
    • Example: (Frost, 2019a) (Frost, 2019b)
  • Citing work with no date, write n.d. instead of the date.
    • Example: (Frost, n.d.)
  • When citing information from a website with no author, use the name of the website as the author’s name.
    • Example: American Psychological Association (2018)


APA Reference Generator: The Ultimate Guide!

APA 6th Reference Generator to the Rescue!

Now you can successfully put in-text citations according to the APA 6th edition referencing style. Remember to include all in-text citations in the reference list. Unfortunately, no software can do this for you.

Reference Tools on Other Websites.

There are multiple websites offering different referencing styles, but remember not to compromise quality with quantity. AcademicExpert’s APA website reference generator works smoothly and will never supply you with a problematic and botched reference list.

Beat the Deadlines!

Having followed the guide for in-text citations and the assistance of the perfect reference generator APA 6th edition, it will become very easy to beat the set deadlines. This is because your grades in your assignments and research papers will not be lowered simply because you could not determine how to cite APA correctly. The sweetest thing is that the given reference generator APA style operates smoothly and you do not have to input large portions of information to get the best results. This is an utterly gratis referencing tool that is incredibly easy to use, which will always assist you in doing your homework and writing research papers!

FAQS about APA Reference Generator Online

The APA referencing style is a set of rules published by the American Psychological Association for citing sources in academic writing. It is widely used in the social sciences and other disciplines.

The APA reference generator simplifies the process of creating references in APA style. You need to input details such as the type of source, author name, title, year of publication, and other relevant information. The generator will then provide a properly formatted reference in APA style.

Yes, the APA reference generator can format references for both the 6th and 7th editions. You just need to select the edition you are using, and the generator will provide the appropriate format.

Yes, the APA reference generator provided by AcademicExpert is completely free to use. You can generate references without any cost.

Yes, the APA reference generator can help you create in-text citations. It provides the correct format for in-text citations based on the information you input.

The APA reference generator can handle a wide variety of sources, including books, journal articles, websites, and more. You simply need to select the type of source and input the required information.

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