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As a student, you may be familiar with the extensive academic document called a dissertation, which is a requirement for graduation. It carries a substantial weight in determining your final grade. Additionally, you may have heard about the challenges and time-consuming nature of this paper.

A well-written dissertation could serve as a gateway to securing a scholarship for further studies. Therefore, professional guidance and assistance are crucial if you aim to excel in your dissertation. Academic Experts is a well-established brand that has been providing students with the option to buy dissertation help online in the UK for over a decade, catering to students worldwide.

Will you turn to those around you and ask, “Can you please write my assignment for me?”, only to be met with disappointment? Or will you seek the assistance of professional services to get the job done? Many students in the UK and around the world choose to rely on these writing services, as it is a better option than struggling to complete the assignments on their own.

Among these services, there is Academic expert, a trusted name that has earned the confidence of students in the UK and beyond through their unwavering dedication and hard work. We take pride in stating that we have assisted over 4000 students with their pleas for “write my assignment online“.

Empirical Dissertation

An empirical dissertation entails conducting independent research on a small scale, where you gather data from the public or a specific target group. This can be achieved through interviews or questionnaires.

Non-Empirical Dissertation

A non-empirical dissertation relies on existing data and the work of others. This type of dissertation requires extensive reading from various sources, such as books and articles. However, the crucial and often challenging aspect is the need for strong analytical skills to analyze the gathered information.

We possess this knowledge based on our extensive experience in assisting students with dissertations for a considerable period. Our team of professional writers has accumulated years of experience in dissertation writing, enabling us to understand all the essential elements required to create a perfect dissertation.

Literature Review 

The literature review section of a dissertation entails citing previous academic works related to the topic. These can include research papers, books, articles, and more. Essentially, you provide a historical overview of the work associated with your topic, identify any knowledge gaps, and explain how your research aims to address those gaps.


 The methodology section is the most extensive part of the dissertation. Here, you explain the overall research approach and the chosen research type. You also describe the methods employed for conducting the research and provide justification for their selection. Details about data processing, analysis models or tools used, and any encountered problems (along with their resolutions) are also discussed.

Results and Discussion

 This section focuses on presenting the findings of the dissertation’s research and conducting a critical analysis. Results can be visualized through bar graphs, pie charts, tables, or other statistical representations. The analysis includes interpreting the results, discussing their significance in relation to the hypothesis, and providing explanations for any unexpected findings.


The conclusion chapter serves as the final section of your dissertation. It highlights the achievement of your research objectives, emphasizing the most significant results. It provides a concise summary of the entire work and suggests potential future research directions that can expand upon the dissertation’s findings.

To create an impeccable dissertation, it is essential to understand the various types of dissertations and the key elements that contribute to its successful completion.

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Structure Introduction

The introduction section of a dissertation offers a comprehensive overview. It begins by providing a concise background of the topic, highlighting its relevance, purpose, objectives, and what readers can anticipate from the remaining sections of the dissertation.

Pro Tip: It is advisable to write the introduction after completing the rest of the dissertation, as this allows for a better summary of the content already present in the dissertation.

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