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When writing a University-Level Assignment, it is mandatory to use literature reports and existing studies and sources. Other articles can be used for referencing since they help in comparing the findings of the study with the existing norms. This existing information either affirms or negates your findings depending on the sources that you propose to use.

Any information obtained from published research cannot be used in an assignment of this nature without adhering to a suitable format. You need to provide accurate details, which depend upon the source type, such as the author’s name, the title of the article, the number of pages, the year of publication, etc. This process is known as citing and referencing.

However, the mistake most learners make is that they fail to observe how references they make should be formatted or cited. These students can hereby benefit from our new online Harvard reference generator created to help them.

How does the Harvard reference generator online tool help you?

Our Harvard reference generator online serves the intention for those Harvard reference and citation findings much harder. It can also be of great assistance to students who experience difficulties in their ability to correctly cite bibliographic references..

When citing any source such as a website, a journal, a book, or any other type of source, our Harvard reference maker will generate the citation in a few seconds. Just copy-paste the address of your source, and ta-da! Our free Harvard reference generator online shall cite and reference that source in the right style. The guideline below will give you a general background on Harvard referencing so that you can comprehend what it is and how it functions.

Harvard Reference Generator

What is the Harvard Style Referencing System?

It is important to know what Harvard referencing is before employing an online Harvard reference generator. This style is typical for social sciences and humanities, but it may vary depending on the university you are attending. If your topic concerns any of these subjects, then the Harvard referencing is the one you need to use.

If information is taken from another source one has to mention the author’s name at the place where the source is utilised and all the details in the list of references at the end of the assignment. undefined

In-text Citations: The author’s name is mentioned after each sentence.
References Section: Citations placed at the end of the last section.

In-Text Citation through Harvard Citation Generator

While Harvard Referencing is similar to the APA format, they are not the same. Our free Harvard reference generator online ensures the minor details are considered, so it doesn’t confuse the two styles.

In-Text Citation for Single Author

Using the Harvard style citation generator, the author’s surname and publication date are provided, separated by a comma.


“Mogra (2016) concludes that most trainee teachers surveyed valued collective worship…”
“Mindfulness-based interventions can be adapted for support mechanisms (O’Hara, 2020).”

In-Text Citation for Two or Three Authors

When a source has two or three authors, their names are separated by “and,” and the publication year is included. The use of “&” is forbidden in Harvard style.


“Crolley and Hand (2002) argue that the British press portrays English football supporters as warriors.”

In-Text Citation for Four or More Authors

For sources with four or more authors, the first author’s name is followed by “et al.” and the publication year.


“This is necessary because as you grow older, you move out of your parents’ house (Hoffmann et al, 2018).”

In-Text Citation for No Authors

If a source has no authors or the author is anonymous, the first four to five words of the title are used, followed by the publication year.


“The article, web page + title should be in quotation marks (“A Guide To Marketing Principles”, 2016).”
“Book, report, or brochure + title should be in italics (A Guide to Marketing Principles, 2016).”

End-Text Citations in the Referencing Section Harvard Citation Generator

End-text citations differ from in-text citations. They are a compiled list of all sources used in your paper. Each source type has unique end-text citations, easily generated by our Harvard reference generator online.

Citing a Website

Author(s) Surname
Initials of the Author(s)
Year of Publishing
Title of the Site or Page
Date accessed

Citing a Book

Author’s initials and surname
Year of publication
Title of publication
Edition (if applicable)
Place of publication

Citing a Research Paper

Author’s name(s)
Year of publishing
Title of the article (in italics)
Name of the journal

Why Can You Trust Our Harvard Reference Generator Online Tool to Help You?

We also have the best free Harvard reference generator online where you can get Harvard-style citation in less than one minute. The tool itself is efficient, and the site loads rather quickly. It can always be a real tough time when one has to cite information particularly when doing a dissertation. Our Harvard reference generator online is free and is another way in which we offer our clients a convenient way to complete this cumbersome task. Well, it does that you have to quickly get yourself cracked. Harvard reference generator is available online today, why not give it a try?

Our Harvard reference generator online tool helps you create accurate citations and references in the Harvard style for various sources, including books, journals, websites, and research papers. This tool is designed to save you time and ensure your references are formatted correctly.

Using the Harvard reference generator online is simple. Select the type of source you need to reference, enter the required information (such as author name, title, year of publication), and the tool will generate a correctly formatted Harvard citation and reference for you.

Our Harvard reference generator online can create citations for a wide range of sources, including books, journal articles, websites, research papers, and more. The tool ensures that each source is formatted according to Harvard style guidelines.

Yes, our Harvard reference generator online is completely free to use. You can generate as many citations and references as you need without any cost.

Yes, the Harvard reference generator online can handle sources with multiple authors. It formats citations and references correctly, whether there is one author or multiple authors involved.

Our Harvard reference generator online is designed to be highly accurate, following the latest Harvard style guidelines. However, it is always a good practice to double-check your citations and references for accuracy.

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