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As for the most general information about the target OSCOLA referencing style, it is necessary to notice that it is one of the most severe sorts of referencing styles you are likely to face. Regrettably, the majority of learners lack adequate knowledge regarding citation and references to formats that may lead to their assignments’ rejection. This is to ensure that you do not encounter any of these, we have therefore developed a referencing OSCOLA tool, that is based in the United kingdom to ease the process of referencing.

How Our OSCOLA Reference Generator Helps You?

Our OSCOLA referencing tool is invaluable for students who struggle with referencing and citing their sources. This tool is especially helpful for those who encounter difficulties in formatting their references properly.
Regardless of whether you are referencing a book, journal, website, or any other source, the OSCOLA referencing generator can handle it all in just a few seconds. Simply paste the link of your source, and our online OSCOLA citation generator will generate a properly formatted citation for you. Below is an introduction to OSCOLA referencing to help you understand how it works.

What is OSCOLA Referencing Style?

It is before one employs an OSCOLA referencing tool that one needs to comprehend what this style is all about. OSCOLA is an acronym for Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities and is the style most commonly used by law universities in the United Kingdom to refer information in a paper they are writing. It is a legal citation standard which was developed for the use in legal writing by Oxford University.
Each time information is taken from a source outside the paper, the author’s name needs to be included in the content and all the details need to be included in the list of references at the end of the essay. Of all the referencing systems, OSCOLA does not use endnotes or in-text but more of footnotes. In books and research papers that are longer, it includes citation tables on the cases, legislations, and bibliography.

OSCOLA Reference Generator

Source-Wise Citation through OSCOLA Citation Generator

OSCOLA referencing can be particularly challenging, and some citation tools may struggle to produce correct citations or may take a long time to do so. Our OSCOLA referencing generator tool has been specifically designed to avoid these issues, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Citing Books with One Author

Bibliography: The author is listed with their surname first, and no page numbers are included.

  • Format: Author, Title (edition, Publisher | year)
  • Example: Herring J, Criminal Law (7th edn, Macmillan 2011)

Footnote: Include a superscript number in your text and the footnote at the bottom of the page.

  • Format: Author, Title (edition, Publisher | year) page number.
  • Example: Jonathan Herring, Medical Law and Ethics (4th edn, Oxford University Press 2012) 146.

Citing Books with Four or More Authors

Bibliography: Lists the author’s surname first and uses the ‘and others’ convention.

  • Format: Author, Title (edition, Publisher | year)
  • Example: Gardiner S and others, Sports Law (3rd edn, Cavendish, 2006)

Footnote: Include a superscript number in your text and the footnote at the bottom of the page.

  • Format: Author, Title (edition, Publisher | year) page number.
  • Example: Roy Goode and others, Transnational Commercial Law: International Instruments and Commentary (OUP 2004)

Citing Websites

For citing websites, the OSCOLA referencing generator provides the author’s name, webpage title, website name, and publication date in brackets, ending with the URL and accessed date.


  • Format: Author, ‘Webpage’ (Website, publication date) accessed date.
  • Example: Myerson S, ‘Applying Yourself to Pupillage’ (, 5 April 2011)


  • Example: Simon Myerson, ‘Applying Yourself to Pupillage’ (, 5 April 2011)

Citing Journals


  • Format: Author Surname and Initial, ‘Journal Title’ [Year] Page no.
  • Example: Jones S. ‘Journal of Organizational Laws’ [2017] p.387-400


  • Format: Author, ‘Journal Title’ [Year] Page no.
  • Example: Samantha Jones ‘Journal of Organizational Laws’ [2017] p.387-400

Citing Cases with Neutral Citation


  • Format: Case Name [Year] Court Number, [Year] Volume Report Abbreviation
  • Example: Barr v Kay-Bee’s Consultants [2017] UKHL 14, [2017] 1 AB 943

Footnote: The case name will be in italics.

  • Example: NRAM Ltd v Evans [2017] EWCA Civ 1013, [2018] 1 WLR 639.

Citation of Statutes

Bibliography and Footnote:

  • Format: Short Title, Year
  • Example: Shipping and Trading Interests (Protection) Act 1995

Why Should You Choose Our OSCOLA Referencing Generator Tool?

If you key in “OSCOLA cite generator tool” in Google search, you will most probably end up on the website offering an extremely effective OSCOLA referencing tool. It will be evident that our tool saves you a lot of time and effort in obtaining OSCOLA citations. 

The OSCOLA citation generator offered here is efficient, very easy to use and has a great reception on platforms such as Trustpilot. On top of that, it is unrestricted and therefore does not cost you any money nor time. So why wait? Why not give the OSCOLA referencing generator a go today and take the stress out of referencing?

Our OSCOLA reference generator online tool helps you create accurate citations and references in the OSCOLA style for various sources, including books, journals, websites, and cases. This tool is designed to save you time and ensure your references are formatted correctly.

Using the OSCOLA reference generator online is simple. Select the type of source you need to reference, enter the required information (such as author name, title, year of publication), and the tool will generate a correctly formatted OSCOLA citation and reference for you.

Our OSCOLA reference generator online can create citations for a wide range of sources, including books, journal articles, websites, cases, and more. The tool ensures that each source is formatted according to OSCOLA style guidelines.

Yes, our OSCOLA reference generator online is completely free to use. You can generate as many citations and references as you need without any cost.

Yes, the OSCOLA reference generator online can handle sources with multiple authors. It formats citations and references correctly, whether there is one author or multiple authors involved.

No, you do not need to create an account to use the OSCOLA reference generator online. The tool is accessible to everyone and does not require any login or personal information.

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