Principles of Computing: An Overview of Assignment, ERD, SQL Statements and Tables

Principles of Computing: An Overview of Assignment, ERD, SQL Statements and Tables UK

Computing principles in computer science are crucial since the field is becoming more and more dynamic. In this case, this course will focus on several areas such as algorithms and data structure, programming languages and software engineering.

Course Assignments

Course assignments will allow for the application of classroom-learned concepts to practical problems. Some of the typical assignments include:

Programming assignments

The students will create code using different programming languages such Python or Java. sentences

Data analysis assignments: Using information on data structures and algorithms, students will analyse big data sets.

Software engineering assignments: Software Applications’ Design and implementation by students.
ERD, SQL statements and SQL tables

The course focuses on computer science in general and database theory in particular. These topics include:

Entity-relationship diagrams (ERD): The entity relationships diagrams, in turn, denote how these distinct entities relate within the database.

SQL statements: It is the main language used in the process of querying, as well as altering data on a database (SQL).

SQL tables: SQL tables constitute its most fundamental unit. These are where data is stored in a disciplined manner. Find here all your assignments based on the principles of computing.

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Produce the table definitions (in SQL)

Principle of Computing UK
Principle of Computing UK

Populate your tables with sensible data

Populate each table with relevant data based on your understanding of the requirements and the provided ERD.

Write the SQL statements necessary to satisfy the queries

1.List of currently running courses by course code then date order

Principle of Computing UK

2. List of courses that have ‘Introduction’ as part of their title

Principle of Computing UK

Most and least expensive courses

Principle of Computing UK

Number of students on each currently allocated course

Principle of Computing UK

List of current courses between two dates

Principle of Computing UK

Number of current courses of each type between two dates

Principle of Computing UK

List of rooms and trainers allocated to each course for each week

Principle of Computing UK

List of students currently allocated to an actual course

Principle of Computing UK

List of current courses with total revenue

Principle of Computing UK

Make sure to replace placeholders like ‘start_date’ and ‘end_date’ with actual date values in your queries. Verify and adapt these queries based on your specific data and table structures.

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