Tesla Marketing Plan: The Advent of a New AV Marketing Strategy for the Automotive Industry

Tesla Marketing Plan

Tesla Marketing Plan From the early days of electric vehicles to the present, Tesla, the automotive industry innovator, has not only made the industry technologically advanced but has also shown high standards in marketing. While for other automakers, Elon Musk’s brainchild, Tesla, is like one of a kind gem that sparkles in the market and Tesla is a case study for marketing enthusiasts and professionals alike. Here, we shall explore the marketing strategies that have brought Tesla to this success and how the tutors from Academicexpert.uk can help you with an Assignment of Marketing and explain the strategies better.

1. Product

Tesla more than produces cars, such as their electric cars. They have a statement. They are what you drive when you care about the Earth. The automaker has focused on placing its vehicles within the sector of high performance, environmentally sound and technically sophisticated models of the cars that use gasoline engines as source of energy. They did it through presenting car products that appeal to conscious green customers and technology aficionados allowing them to set up an entity that has its own identity in the market.

2. Place

The strategy adopted by Tesla permits it to sell its vehicles directly to its consumers without involving the traditional dealership network in the business process. By means of this way the company of Tesla controls from the first brought to customer involvement to the end and customers communicate directly to the brand. Through Tesla’s showrooms, one finds the company’s products displayed in shopping malls where people are mostly likely to live and spend time. Here they can get to know Tesla’s brand and products in an atmosphere full of calm and without excessive pressure.

3. Price

It is Tesla’s strategy that it markets its products as premium at the price of premium products. Tesla spends the high dollars for the products and still manages to attract a customer base that is ready to purchase its products because they believe in the added value, performance, and Environmental safety that they offer. Apart from that, the brand provides many types of financing options and also incentives plans in order to bring the urgency of its cars closer to more diverse customer segments.

4. Promotion

Tesla has unique career tactics which are based on natural marketing, social media and PR (Public Relations). Unlike the traditional routes of marketing used by competitors, Elon Musk is extremely active in sites like Twitter. One of the positive effects of this is that it develops a strong brand character and the CEO interacts directly with customers The events, like launches of new products or test drivers’ experiences, that Tesla dedicates itself to are also a major source of promotional activities which receive a great media coverage and make people rejoice and become interested in the company.

5. People

What transpired is the Tesla brand’s success is, to a large extent, a result of their team members, “Tesla Advocates,” who double as a marketing force. They love the brand, and have enthusiastic followers. They make no secret of the fact that they understand the mission of the company and what it hopes to achieve. Tesla, as well, creates a robust community of owners and enthusiasts who help Tesla as a customer-oriented brand. They increase the brand’s reach through word-of-mouth, which is undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool.

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Tesla’s marketing is a course for innovative breakthrough, creative thinking, and customer performance. Through the facilitation of product differentiation, concentration on direct to consumer sales, premium pricing, non-traditional promotion, and building a loyal community, Tesla has created an unrivaled edge on the market. Assisted by Academicexpert, you will study in detail Tesla’s marketing strategies and discover lessons which are of extreme importance and which you kindly make use of during your marketing campaigns.

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Assignment Outline: The marketing strategy of Tesla for the UAE market.

1. Tesla Brand Picture

You indeed start with a brief overview of Tesla’s brand identity and image.

2. Executive Summary

A succinct summary which deepens on the central factors of Tesla’s marketing plan which is meant for UAE.

3. Introduction

Background of Tesla.

Rationale for market selection: That’s why Tesla sees interest in the UAE market.

4. Tesla`s Business Analysis

The Technical Review of Tesla’s operational resourcing and capacity.

Tesla stakeholders are keen to contrast the company with its main competitors.

5. PESTEL analysis for UAE

Unique combination of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal factors quieted to fit the UAE market.

6. SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis of Tesla Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats in the UAE.

7. Growth Strategies

In this essay we will discuss the expansion plan and strategies of Tesla in the United Arab Emirates

8. Statement of Opportunity

Identification of market opportunities in UAE and elaboration for Tesla.

9. S.M.A.R.T Goals

The specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-bound targets for the Tesla marketing plan.

10. Stratification, Incision, and Differentiation.

Predicate fastidious market segmentation with that should be justified.

Making the product the customer’s first choice with a focus on targeted approach and a defined positioning statement.

11. Product/Service Presentation

Theo harmony of labeling of Tesla’s products and/or services along with their advantages and appeal for the UAE market.

Total product diagram.

12. Place/Distribution

Distribution process diagram.

Picking up Tesla’s penetration in the UAE market with the Justification.

13. International Marketing Mix

Addition of products, altering promotion strategy, price and distribution plan all to suit the UAE market.

Digital mediums along with conservatism.

Chart highlights the international marketing mix.

14. Competitive Analysis

The comparison to competitors’ products, the positive attributes and the gaps that should be closed should be done.

Competitor-market analysis: features, packaging, pricing, and promotional approaches.

15. Promotional Activities

Agenda for marketing activities timeline.

Working with local influencers or partner networks.

Charts and graphs with evident numbers and visual elements such as a pie chart.

16. Conclusions

Main findings and aligning them with the strategy.

Critical review of the probable problems and dangers.

Conclusion and Advice.

17. Appendix

Other data as charts or any kind of supporting material for the assignment.


At least 10 top-academic sources are to use, citing sources from the ones mentioned by the teachers both from ABS and Google Scholar in the criteria and lecture slides.

Apply the organization and format of the sample below to your writing for a clear and cohesive essay.

Pay attention to each bullet point for every section and don’t be afraid to ask for help and examples if needed.

Take the help of pictorial presentations, schematic diagrams, and graphs to designate data and information as per the illustration.

Do a thorough research with competitors of Tesla in which you showcase their strengths and weaknesses in the Middle East market.

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