Understanding Youth Homicide Through Conceptual and Theoretical Frameworks in Homicide Studies

Youth Homicide

Homicide, which invokes horrifying thoughts in people, is a study area that is much more profound and complicated due to the involvement of various components, including psychologists, researchers, and law enforcers. Often, Youth Homicide is a part of this wide field commonly known as youth behavior. Young homicide is very complex and it is necessary to go into conceptual frameworks and the theoretical perspective on homicide studies of the modern world today. This article represented by Academicexpert.uk was prepared to discuss youth crime phenomenon under these conceptions.

Youth Homicide: An Overview

In legal terminology, youth homicide denotes a crime in which the age of the two parties involved is below 18 years. This phenomenon can be explained as one of the most horrific aspects that leaves families, community and the society as a whole shattered. Understanding youth homicide is a task that can be revealed by various views and theories.

Abstract Models of Youth Murder Cases in Research

Social Learning Theory

According to Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory, an individual imitates and reproduces actions of people they come across with on a daily basis. An explanatory approach that we would ascribe to the context of youth homicide talks about violence as a habit of the surrounding environment, either in one’s family, community, or media.

Strain Theory

According to Robert Merton’s Strain Theory, people end up in deviant behavior when there is an existent disparity between the society goals and the varieties of options that one has to achieve those goals. The specific reasons which affect the relatively more incidents of homicide among the youth most commonly revolve around elements like poverty, the lack of better educational opportunity, and the give-and-take of the community as a whole. Sometimes, feelings of strain may result therefore, and hence, some young people would choose to resort to violence.

Routine Activity Theory

This theory focuses on the convergence of three elements: especially the presence of a motivated offender, a suitable target, and the lack of a guardian who is powerful. It emphasizes how individual lives, cultural norms, and environmental pressures as well as the presence of easily accessible weapons among the youth can together place them at higher risk involving the violent acts.

Analyzing Theoretical Frameworks behind Youth Homicides Studies

Biosocial Theory

According to the biosocial theories, traits and abilities are the results of both genetics and environment. Within the framework of juvenile murder, this notion points out that a mix of both genetic and the environmental factors can play a role of the influence of the violent behavior in youngsters.

Psychological Theories

Apart from the physical biological approach to the issue of the youth homicide, various psychological theories, for example, the attachment theory and personality disorders, to an extent, can help to understand how the youth commits murder. As an example, (i) insecure attachment styles or (ii) some personality may, among adolescence, enhance the probability of violent actions.

Sociological Theories

Sociological theories such as social disorganization theory and differential association one generally agree with help explain the social factors that are behind youth homicide. The family, friends and community of adolescents, are the main point of this theory with all its power of social influence on adolescents’ violent attitudes and behaviors.


Understanding youth homicide requires a holistic approach that combines both conceptual and theoretical frameworks from homicide studies. By examining youth homicide through these lenses, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners can gain valuable insights into the underlying factors and develop effective strategies to prevent such tragedies.
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Psychology Assignment Help

Psychology Assignment Help Remember, the issue of youth homicide is complex, and addressing it requires a multi-disciplinary approach that considers various factors influencing young people’s lives. By understanding the conceptual and theoretical frameworks in homicide studies, we can take significant steps towards preventing youth homicide and creating safer communities for all.

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