Breaking the Chains: Women's and Children's Struggle to Escape Poverty in a Globalizing World – A Focus on India

Breaking the Chains: Women's and Children's Struggle to Escape Poverty in a Globalizing World – A Focus on India

With the increasing process of globalization, whereby the world is more interwoven than ever before, addressing issues related to poverty becomes a very serious concern. However, it is the women and children who suffer the most from poverty as they are confronted with a lot of particular problems that prevent them from escaping its vicious circle. In this Article, we will discuss the key issues that prevent women and children from escaping poverty including in India. Also, we’ll consider the possible impact of academic knowledge like that which can be obtained from AcademicExpertUK on these issues.

Educational Disparities

Access to quality education serves as one of the main barriers for the poverty-
stricken women and children. In India, although the recent improvements have been substantial, gender-based inequalities are still present. Lack of access to education results in a lack of skills that would help the women and children compete internationally, leaving them trapped in poverty.

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How does the inequality of education play a role in sustaining the poverty among women and children living in India?
Inequality in education produces the skill gap that leaves many women and children without any job opportunities. People who are not properly educated often end up in the low-paying jobs, preventing them from extricating themselves out of the poverty.

Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Women, even after their education is attained, do not have an easy access to the equal employment in most parts of India. There are numerous gender stereotypes and discrimination that limit the women to a particular industry or role hence denying them the ability of earning more. This gender wage gap increases the many difficulties of women trying to escape from poverty.

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What is the role that gender inequality in the work place
plays towards women’s economic obstacles in India? Also, inequality in gender restricts the career development of women and results in lower income possibilities which also includes less resources for their families. This keeps the poverty cycle going on by prohibiting the financial security and opportunities..

Healthcare Disparities

The other significant challenge for the impoverished women and children is that there is insufficient access to the healthcare. Maternal and child health is a very significant issue, and inequality in the provision of healthcare contributes to the higher maternal mortality rates among more disadvantaged sections in India.

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What positive effect does restricted access to the healthcare
have on the ability of women and children in India to escape poverty?
The lack of adequate healthcare increases the mortality rates that in turn
undermine the general well-being of the families. Poverty-stricken families often contend with a chronic disease burden, constituting an unending expenditures that would otherwise be directed at the education or productivity..

Child Labor and Exploitation

In spite of the endeavors to eliminate child labor, it still has been an issue in many parts of India. Because children involved in the labor lose a chance to study, they reduce themselves to mere servants of the fate and thus remain locked up within the vicious circle of poverty.

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What is the role of child labor in the intergenerational
poverty transmission in India?
But by robbing the children of education and proper development, child labor keeps them trapped in dead-end jobs with no upward movement. This perpetuates poverty through generations.

What are 3 examples of gender inequality in society today?

Gender Pay Gap: In the average case, female workers still earn less than their male counterparts despite working in equivalent jobs. This wage gap is prevalent in many areas and continues to be an enduring reflection of the gender inequity within the place of employment.

Underrepresentation in Leadership Roles: Women still appear to be lacking in the top leadership positions both inside and also outside politics. The failure of the representation restricts alot of diversity in views and promotes a lot gender bias.

Gender-Based Violence: Women are more likely to be subjected to the gender-based violence such as domestic and also sexual harassment. Such kind of violence violates the human rights and is a reflection of deeply embedded gender imbalances.

What are the major issues related to poverty?

Lack of Access to Education: Lack of an adequate standard education triggers poverty by denying the people a chance to learn skills necessary for the better jobs.

Limited Healthcare Access: Unhealthy healthcare, in turn, aggravates the poverty because families need to cope with expensive but preventable illnesses and they become less productive.

Unemployment and Underemployment: However, the high rates of
unemployment and underemployment significantly lower the people’s capability to generate an income capable for surviving in long term.

How has globalization affected poverty?

Income Inequality: Though globalization brought about economic development in several regions, it also deepened the income disparities. Increasingly, the benefits of globalization fail to reach those
who need them the most; as a result, widening gaps in wealth and poverty can be observed.

Job Displacement: Globalization has brought with it the offshoring
of many jobs to developing nations which have cheap labor leading
most people in developed countries loosing their work and hence
leaving them jobless amounts to poverty.

Unequal Access to Resources: However, the advantages of
globalization are not equally distributed across all different geographic areas
and also populations; what is more, they make poverty persist in the marginalized communities.

What is the main problem of women’s education in India?

Gender-Based Discrimination: Girls’ education in India continues to be a major form of discrimination. Girls’ lower enrollment, the dropout rates and limited access to educational resources are merely gaps entrenched in the
deep-seated cultural practices and biases that favor the education of boys over girls.

What are the factors affecting girl child education in India?

Cultural Norms: In some cases, however, traditionally assigned
gender roles and in the demands of society severely limit girls’ access
to the education because household labour is more important than

Child Marriage: However, in some parts of the world, early
marriages among girls are still very current and as a result theireducation is interrupted. However, the child brides suffer from higher levels of restricted opportunities in education and the economy..

Lack of Infrastructure: Lack of adequate school facilities such as there
are no separate and safe toilets for the girls can be a hindrance to their

What is the biggest challenge to women’s education?

Deep-Seated Gender Stereotypes: I think a considerable
challenge is the gender stereotypes that portray women as less
capable or emphasizes their role in the family more than on
education. Eliminating these stereotypes is very necessary to create
an environment for the women where education would be much more
inclusive and also equitable.

AcademicExpertUK: Bridging the Gap

In the midst of these challenges, Academic knowledge is very vital in freeing the women and children. Some of the services such as AcademicExpertUK also help with writing essays and papers, overcoming the personal obstacles in education. Conclusively, to ensure sustainable development, it is very necessary that the many primary issues preventing women and also children from escaping poverty in a globalizing world are addressed. Educational, work equality, healthcare coverage and the eradication of child labor can be the ways that societies may develop in a favorable future direction. AcademicExpertUK and the other services similar to it can also function as a very worthy contribution, allowing many people to pursue their academic endeavors in the fight against poverty.

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