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From Research Paper Publication Services, We offer efficient editing solutions that can save costs. We make it possible through manuscript preparation and post-submission, we enhance and automate your research travel.

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We have already worked with thousands of clients providing services such as proofreading and editing as well as other publication services for journals. Our bespoke services are all crafted with one consistent aim that will enhance your path to get into publications.


The core of our deal is to make sure that you, being the author of the text, will be one of the persons to read that work
We give a complete line of service for the entire journey of the publication, which includes but not limited to editing, plagiarism checks and resubmission aid to those students who need more services to the experienced researchers for all aspects.


We have a fully personalised approach that will resonate with the development of your book
Our research publication services are totally customizable, which is convenient for each scholar in terms of selecting an expert, timeline, pricing, and style. This allows every researcher to be the one who produces the best version of manuscript in collaboration with the expert they selected.


Customised assistance tailored to the topic you want to study
Academic Expert UK, the publisher of your manuscript, employs a system that uses AI to find the right for you, evaluating the paper's topic, style accordingly through consideration of different factors including 10-point matching to get a perfect expert match.


Advanced Technology, Improved precision, and efficiency in state-of-the-art programs
We are determined to be updated with the newest technology updates making our systems better with every turn. This prevents us from having to stick to the old systems which are faulty and inefficient. This approach guarantees that the learning is accelerated, publishing is cut down within the shortest possible period of time, and publication is of the utmost quality.

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  • Outline (£11.99)
  • Plagiarism Report (£18.99)
  • Quality Review (£9.99)
£ 8.90
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  • Abstract (£7.99)
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  • Quality Review (£11.99)
£ 10.90
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for 100 words
  • Table of Content (£18.99)
  • Abstract (£9.99)
  • Unlimited Revisions (£16.99)
  • Outline (£15.99)
  • Plagiarism Report (£22.99)
  • Quality Review (£13.99)

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Evidently, Academic Expert UK Research Paper Publication offers a range of services designed to get your research published. One of the specialties of our online publication service is the connection with prestigious and high-impact journals. We ensure that your works will be published quickly and that your feedback will be dealt with rapidly for smooth processing of your research.

We don’t impose any restrictions on how many papers a person can publish with us. We strive to maintain the reputation of our publishing service through publication of articles in high-impact journals, which guarantees quality in every published article.

Actually, we have a group of online research publication consultants who endeavour to keep the quality of our work high. Our professionals, representing different fields, are available to help you master the publication process without any difficulties.

Indeed, Academic Expert UKResearch Paper Publication charges are service based. We offer English editing, proofreading, and conversion of thesis into journal articles at different rates for each service. We are transparent, no hidden charges and clear upfront fee disclosures.

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